Photo Illustration of David Odyssey by Greg Kozatek
Photo Illustration by Greg Kozatek


David Odyssey offers archetypal, intuitive readings through astrology and the Tarot. Astrology readings offer a zoomed-out guide to the symbols and meanings of your birth chart, leading up to the planetary movements of the current moment. The Tarot invokes archetypal imagery to spark dialogue and insight on any immediate questions, no matter how broad or specific.

All readings are new-user friendly, and conducted over Zoom, usually lasting up to an hour. You can book a reading below. For questions, sliding scale rates or to buy a gift reading, contact


Tarot reading, $80

Zoom Tarot reading, covering two questions or arenas of interest

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Group Tarot reading, $150

Zoom Tarot reading for three–five people, ideal for special events or group gatherings

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Astrology chart reading, $180

Zoom chart reading covering the elements of your essential astrology

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Astrology transits reading, $180

Zoom reading covering upcoming dates and major astrological “events,” based on your chart

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Astrology chart + transits readings, $300

Two readings, covering essential chart elements and upcoming astrological “events”

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Astrology chart + Tarot readings, $225

Two readings, including essential chart breakdown and two Tarot spreads

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"What I loved about my reading with David was that he clearly has a deep, intricate knowledge of astrology that is paired with his superb communication skills which allows him to share a huge amount of ideas and information in a way that is easily understandable and digestible. In my reading I felt free to ask questions and was always satisfied with the answers. I left my reading feeling empowered and hopeful, with knew information and understandings of myself that I still use today."

Jake Cornell, comedian